Beep launched 6 new air freshener fragrances during another successful showing at BMEX 2019! The new Captivating Orchid, Pina Colada, Radiant Sunshine and White Sand Beaches excited customers and they were also thrilled about the return of Berry Burst and Water Lily.

Scroll through our photo gallery to see some of the highlights from Beep at BMEX 2019.

From the photos you can tell just how much patrons loved the Beep booth where they could not only sample and purchase Beep products at fantastic prices but they received a free Beep tote bag with every purchase and got a chance to enter the Beep Sense the Scents Game Show to win $150 in free groceries from the Hanschell Inniss Sales Centre. The game shows were won by Tiffany Lowe, Esther Moore and Alicia Quintyne, Miranda Douglas and Aleka Mascoll.

In addition, customers who purchased 3 or more Beep products got to spin the wheel to win another free gift compliments Beep.

Many persons also entered the #BeepatBMEX promotion by taking a selfie in front of the Beep photo wall in the booth at BMEX for a chance to win a weekend staycation or amazing dining experience compliments of our sponsors. The winners’ presentation was premiered on Facebook and the lucky recipients were Cathy Martindale who won herself a weekend staycation at the Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown, Denis Lambert who won a lunch for two with a complimentary cocktail or glass of wine at Tamarind by Elegant Hotels, Shanelle Estwick who won a Sunday Gospel Breakfast for 2 from The Crane Resort & Residences, and Marisa Young received a breakfast for 2 compliments the Radisson Aquatica Resort. Congratulations to these lucky 4 and a special thanks to our sponsors in the hospitality industry for supporting Beep, BMEX and the local manufacturing industry.

Check out our highlights video from BMEX 2019. Look out for more fun activities from Beep by liking the Use Beep Facebook page.

Special thanks to the employees of McBride Caribbean Limited and Hanschell Inniss Ltd. who volunteered over the course of the weekend to service all the customers to the Beep booth at BMEX 2019!

Week 5 of the Beep Dishwashing Liquid Rinse & Shine Challenge culminated in Barbados on July 22nd, 2017, hosted by Brand Manager with Hanschell Inniss Ltd., Randy Marshall.  The final round of competition of the Beep Dishwashing Liquid Rinse & Shine Challenge series took place at the Hanschell Inniss Sales Centre, Fontabelle.  The contest was judged at this location by special Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge inspectors, Keisha Crichlow, and a Sales Representative of Hanschell Inniss Ltd.  

Contestants in the final round pulling their numbers to determine which teams will face off first. Here, Deidre holds the Beep Power Card which gave her the choice to compete against any team of her choice.

In round 1, Donna and Carlo – winners from Round 2 faced Claudine and Randolph – winners from Round 1 to wash the most of 100 dishes in 100 seconds.  After the clock stopped, the clean plates for each team were tallied by that day’s special Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge inspectors.  Donna and Carlo took the top spot for round 1 washing 15 plates versus 12 plates by Claudine and Randolph. Despite not making it through to the challenge round, Claudine and Randolph instead went home as a team with a $100 voucher for free groceries from the Hanschell Inniss Sales Centre – compliments of Hanschell Inniss Ltd. and McBride Caribbean Ltd., owner of the Beep brand. 

Next, team Cathy and Vasco stepped up to the sink in round 2 to wash against Antoinette and Deidre.  After 100 seconds, the special Rinse & Shine inspectors tallied the clean plates in favour of Antoinette and Deidre who together washed 25 dishes over Cathy and Vasco’s 16.  For their efforts, Cathy and Vasco went away as a team with a $100 voucher for free groceries from the Hanschell Inniss Sales Centre compliments of Hanschell Inniss Ltd. and McBride Caribbean Ltd.  

Left to right: Claudine and Rudolph go head to head with Donna and Carlo in the first stage of the Beep Rinse & Shine Final

Antoinette and Deidre stepped up to the Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge game sink at the start of the lightning round to battle against round 1’s Donna and Carlo.  Randy started the round off and just as both teams readied themselves to give this round their all, Randy jumped in with a surprise.  The Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge special inspectors were invited to the game sink to bound the team mates together at the wrist.  After the initial shock, the contestants regrouped and gave everything they had to clean as many of the 100 plates as they could in 100 seconds.  Randy counted down with the audience to the final 10 seconds on the clock, “…3, 2, 1! Beep! Beep! Beep!”  As the team members stepped away from the game sink, the Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge special inspectors came to conduct their inspection.   

Deidre and Antionette celebrate their win after washing 23 plates to beat Donna and Carlo who washed 15 plates.
Mr. Ricardo Strickland, General Manager of McBride Caribbean Ltd. (left) and Ms. Vidia Woods, C.E.O. of Hanschell Inniss Ltd. presenting the grand prize to Deidre and Antionette.

The teams’ final tallies for the day revealed that Antoinette and Deidre emerged victorious and won the challenge series by washing 23 plates versus Donna and Carlo who washed 15 clean plates.  At the end of round 3, both of these teams received a $100 voucher for free groceries from the Hanschell Inniss Sales Centre compliments of Hanschell Inniss Ltd. and McBride Caribbean Ltd. for participating in the first instalment of the Beep Rinse & Shine.