On Sunday, February 3, 2019, the Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge got underway beneath the Beep tent at the 10th annual Girlfriends’ Expo. In round 1, Tina and Teneisha competed against Maria and Jenny. Judges, Corey Bynoe, General Worker, and Natalie Payne, Administrative Assistant, at McBride Caribbean Limited, tallied the scores and announced that Tina and Teneisha washed 9 plates in 100 seconds and Maria and Jenny washed 12 using Beep Dishwashing Liquid.

Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge contestants eagerly awaiting the judges’ clean plate count.

Host, Makeba Oxley, Brands Developer, McBride Caribbean Limited, started round 2 in which Carol and Anissa washed against Kerriann and Iyanna. After the 100 second challenge round was up, the judges counted the clean plates and announced Carol and Anissa washed 9 plates and Kerriann and Iyanna washed 20 plates with Beep Dishwashing Liquid.

In the lightning round, Maria and Jenny competed against Kerriann and Iyanna. The contestants were bound at the wrist and one teammate of each team’s choice blindfolded. Maria was blindfolded as the team’s dryer and Iyanna as that team’s washer was blindedfolded. At the end of the exciting lightning round, Keriann and Iyanna came out on top washing 13 plates with Beep Dishwashing Liquid versus Maria and Jenny’s 12.

Winners of the Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge washing in the lightning round.

Kerriann and Iyanna went home with the $300 challenge prize voucher for free groceries at the Hanschell Inniss Sales Centre compliments Beep… for a happy, healthy home!

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