Week two of the Beep Rinse & Shine Challenge got underway at Ultra Mart, Corinth with four new teams ready to battle it out at the competition sinks.  With strategies in mind, the teams went head to head for their chance to reach the final round and claim the grand prize of $5,000 XCD.

Ruth and Celia in the second set of washing competition.

The first two teams of Deirdre and Pamela against Federick and Edgitha gave the competition their all and were eager to watch the remaining two teams face off in hopes that’s their efforts would not be beaten.  The second pair of teams; husband and wife duo Sharma and Lazarene faced off against Ruth and Celia in hopes of securing their spot in the final round. 

Sharma and Lazarene washing their way to victory.

Ending the day’s competition Sharma and Lazarene Justin won the second preliminary round and qualified for the finals.  With spirits high, the week two winners were tight lipped on their winning strategy and promised the crowd an exciting final round in the heart of St. Lucia – Castries.

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